Brought to life by a group of creativity loving students, Arts Connect is the first contact for young artists looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. Music, illustration, literature – no matter your skill, Arts Connect is here to introduce you to a community of like-minded artists and talent seekers. We here at Arts Connect aim to create a collaborative society who bond through our love of art, in all its wonderous forms. We are on a mission to connect like-minded people so that they can share in the joyous experience of creating together, through our shared, artistic, identity.

Arts Connect is a digital platform which provides an online experience to artists and talent seekers. Artists can showcase their portfolios and galleries in order to be seen by head hunters and creative companies looking for young talent. Not only this, but Arts Connect also wants to foster a borderless community of artists who can collaborate across industries to bring their works to life. With us, artists can be seen and heard. Through us, shared experiences can be fostered. Together, we are working toward establishing an artistic community, one who is not shy to let their self-expression shine and have others marvel in the wonder we are creating. We are manifesting the delight brought about by creating, connecting and collaborating with each other.


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