One of my favourite artists is Paul Robertson. Paul Robertson creates absurd scenarios through pixel art. He is probably most well known for his work on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. All the art in this game is made by him. He creates many promo videos for Adult Swim. Paul Robertson also works on several animated shows. For instance, he has worked on Gravity Falls, Rick & Morty and The Simpsons.

What fascinates me about this artist is his unique and distinct art style. If you happen to come by any of Paul’s images or videos, you can immediately tell that it was made by him. His style is extremely colourful and is usually inspired by popular culture. Many of his images feature well-known characters from video games, movies, television shows and cartoons. For instance, Adventure Time and Rick & Morty have been featured in his work. I really love the way he uses characters from these shows in his personal ‘sensory overload’ art style. You can describe his work as: “Retro games on acid.”

Interested in more of Paul Robertson’s work? Check out more of his work on his Instagram page right here. Discover more artists in our gallery!

Paul Robertson



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