The Value of Creation

By J Jonker

To create means to bring something into existence. When an artist creates, they are manifesting a new energy, a new life, through their artwork – be it in music, poetry, paint, the list goes on. So, what worth lies in creating? Firstly, art holds the power of self-expression. Every brushstroke on a canvas tells a story, every line that’s scribbled on a piece of paper is an emotion, every lyric sung is a thought that’s breathing air.

Art opens the heart and bares the artist’s imagination. In this, to create means to stimulate the mind and to direct the flow of energy (abstract) into something tangible (physical). For most creators, this can reduce stress and enhance focus. Secondly, creating art is valuable to society. Storytelling, through art, is a most valuable form of preserving history and creating wonder about the future. Even more important, art unites people and serves as a spectrum of humanity.

Here, the value of creation lies in fostering the sense of community, the feeling of belonging & leaving a footprint in society. Lastly, art communicates that which cannot be done verbally. Art has no boundaries, bringing diverse cultures; ages and races together to marvel in the beauty that is art. A creation offers people the opportunity to bond & experience the feeling of togetherness. To conclude, creators add value to the societies privileged enough to behold their art. To create is to take an idea, work on it and sculpt it into a sharable piece of art. In the end, we are able to find a commonality in the creation.

Connecting Through Art

Feeling connected to and being a part of society is a basic human need. The feeling of belonging lives in all of us. As humans, we need connections to keep us in a positive state of mind. Have you ever felt sombre when isolating or distancing for too long? That’s because deep down we all long for connections with others. Art

offers the opportunity for links and relationships with like-minded to be established. It is a bonding factor, a similarity to be discussed with others. How we perceive art to be and how we engage with it opens the possibility of entering into a  society of art lovers who share our views or perspectives. Participating in this newly found society creates the joyful sense of togetherness. Art is able to ignite conversations which then creates shared humanity. In this, we can argue that art bridges the gap where common ground is not found.

This can be seen in the use of art to narrate many political and societal issues. Thus, art becomes the joining factor between conflicted minds. Art illustrates & brings awareness to diverse perspectives, this is because art communicates beyond words. As they say “… is in the eye of the beholder”. That shared view or discussion lays the foundation from which further connections are built and new networks are established. In essence, art is a gateway we can use to connect and build our communities.

The Art of Collaboration

Collaborative working holds many benefits, such as stretching creativity (to name just one). Every project has its fair share of changes and surprises, luckily collaboration allows for more reactivity and versatility in cases of sudden change. When we collaborate, we start to view these changes as challenges to overcome together, we share in the obstacle and celebrate together when we overcome it. Next, the sense of shared responsibility increases personal productivity as we do not want to let others down by delivering subpar work.

The extra drive to excel when working collaboratively amounts to a greater feeling of accomplishment and shared achievement. In return, well-being improves from mental stability provided by working collaboratively. Ever had writers block, some artistic blanks? Not to worry, collaborators are here for support. In the world of art, collaboration does not always feel necessary. However, in the modern landscape of today’s climate, creativity doesn’t allow for artists to work solely in isolation.

We need each other for inspiration and for the validation of our own creativity. Seeking an art community has become a valuable part of nurturing our well-being. Through collaboration we also broaden our horizons, cross-industry collaboration makes for a deeper, more attractive way of creating. The art of collaboration lies in collective well-being, well-being that stems from creating a shared meaning through art. Self-expression turns into a joint venture of working towards a common goal. The satisfaction that follows is undeniable. So, with who are you going to colab with next?



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