Firstly, I want to introduce myself. I’m Mary and I create art. Why? Because I love […]
My name is Mary and I’m a graphic designer. Description The future is here and we […]
Hi! I’m Mary and I’m a graphic designer. Description This piece of art illustrates riot police […]
Art is more that pictures on a page. Art is music, movement and storytelling. I invite […]
Art is freedom and freedom lives in art. This is why I create. Art should be […]
Rap, the talent of making music into art. Art lives in rap and we can’t deny […]
Project description This project is a reflection on what happened to all of us in the […]
German rapper and artist Trettmann – Stefan Richter has shaped the East German pop culture with […]
One of my favourite artists is Paul Robertson. Paul Robertson creates absurd scenarios through pixel art. […]
Hi everyone, I’m Benjamin and I’m crazy for cloud photography, I deeply believe that there is […]