Creativity takes courage. To create means to share a piece of who you are with the world, be it through music, paint of dance. This is why Arts Connect was established to offer creators the opportunity to share their handiworks with fellow entertainment lovers.


Here, artists can register a personal profile to be seen by talent seekers or to connect with art communities. Through the social connections being built, Arts Connect aims to foster a growing community of creators who can freely collaborate and support the arts.


As Margaret Mead said "Never doubt that a small group of thougtful, commited people can change the world". Once the creations and connections have been made, Arts Connect is here to inspire collaboration of sharing of dreams which can be turned into reality with the insights from skilled partners.

Do not hesitate anymore, share your creation with Arts Connect and get in touch with talent seekers.

Arts Connect offers to you the opportunity to join a real artistic community and to gain exposure for your artistic creations. Get in touch with fellow creators by commenting on artists’ posts, sharing and much more. What else?This is a service created by young artists for artists. How to connect? The process is simple: Create your account, post your creation in the category that fits your work best. Then, connect with our community of artists and talent seekers. Don’t be shy to share your creation with us! This is the place to be for young & independent artists who want to create a network and build a following. Also, we invite you to join our Facebook and Instagram communities. We repost your creations on our social networks with your permission and copyright. Our vocation is to help you developing your creative personality and create your own networks of artists and talent seekers. Create, Connect, Collaborate and enter in the Arts Connect adventure!



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